Increase Page Speed Score with Elementor

Achieve a high Google Page Speed score using Elementor page builder with SVG’s, WP Rocket, Cloudflare and some tuning.

Start with a Good Foundation

Keep you site lightweight. To ensure speed, don’t add plugins that you don’t need, defer scripts to load in the footer when possible and always compress your images. If possible, serve them in .webp or .svg formats. If you decide to go the .svg route, you can get a plugin that will sanitize your .svg images on upload to ensure that they are safe to place on your website.

Get your site up to speed

There are many tools that can help speed up your site after you start with a good foundation. Leverage your browser caching. Use a CDN. Minify and optimize your HTML, CSS and Javascript if possible. Set your expiration headers. Compress images and make sure that they are scaled properly.

Phoenix Online Media can do all this for you if you don’t have the time to do it yourself. Let’s get your site up to speed today!